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India is many things to many people, each has its own take on India. Its mystic, spiritual, enchanting or simply beautiful. Indian food is also an important part of Indian culture, Indian way of life. Your trip to India is incomplete if you have not discovered its culinary delights.
If you are interested in learning to cook Indian food then this the place you should come to because we introduce you to the concept of Indian cooking. Our training sessions are based on Hands on cooking where you not only see the food being prepared but do it your self also. We start from the basics of the food preparations, like Marinating, Cutting, Chopping, etc. Our classes are real fun where you are part of a group & you also get to know about the details of the dishes that you are learning. You also get to enjoy the hot meals that you have cooked after the session.
So whether it is Indian curry or its Tandoori Tikka that you love, Join us as part of your journey to the discovery of India. 
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